octavia diskimage retrofit #23

Supports: bionic focal groovy hirsute impish


Tool for retrofitting cloud image for use as Octavia Amphora


This subordinate charm provides the Octavia Diskimage Retrofit tool


There is a section in the Octavia appendix in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide that describes how to deploy and use the charm.

A bundle overlay for use in conjunction with the OpenStack Base bundle is also available.

Note: The charm relies on Glance image properties as provided by the Glance Simplestreams Sync Charm for automatic discovery of the most recent image, and as such is designed to be deployed as a subordinate to it.

Note: When establishing connections to cloud services such as Glance and Keystone in clouds that have TLS enabled, the system certificate store will be used to verify the peer. It is the responsibility of the principle charm to populate the system certificate store.


Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general questions please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.


(string) When set the charm will add tag to any newly created images. . Note that the charm will allways add the ``octavia-diskimage-retrofit`` tag to created images, this is for convenience and may be used by the charm for housekeeping in the future.
(boolean) Enable debug logging
(string) Ubuntu series (eg. 'bionic') to look for in Glance to use as base for the retrofitting process. . Default is to use most recent LTS. If no value is configured and the charm is not able to find the most recent LTS image in Glance it will attempt to find a image matching the series of the unit the charm is run on.
(string) Name of Ubuntu Cloud Archive pocket to add to the image being retrofitted. . Default is 'ussuri' if ``retrofit-series`` is 'bionic', for other releases no UCA pocket will be added unless specified.
(string) How often snapd handles updates for installed snaps. The default (an empty string) is 4x per day. Set to "max" to check once per month based on the charm deployment date. You may also set a custom string as described in the 'refresh.timer' section here: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/system-options/87
(boolean) Openstack mostly defaults to using public endpoints for internal communication between services. If set to True this option will configure services to use internal endpoints where possible.