Take control of your large-scale
Juju deployments

Juju as a service (JAAS) provides a single location to interact, manage and audit your charmed applications using a dashboard or Juju CLI commands.

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Why use JAAS?

Jaas simplifies the management of large scale Juju deployments and it is the ideal tool to use if you:

Have many Juju models

to maintain, across multiple clouds or machine types and you would like to address them all from a central location

Need tighter compliance controls

to satisfy security or regulatory requirements, as Jaas is able to centrally enforce permission and auditing policies

Prefer a simpler management UI

to control your entire deployment, so that admins can execute routine management actions at the simple press of a button

You can deploy JAAS on your preferred infrastructure, leaving you complete privacy and control over what is done where.

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What is JAAS?

JAAS has two main components:


the Juju Infinite Model Manager is a single point of contact for multiple Juju controllers


a graphical user interface to simplify common administrative operations

Add visibility, auditing and compliance controls to your Juju deployment

JAAS is your centralised enterprise control plane for Juju deployments. With JAAS you can:

Drill down to view the details of everything that is deployed inside a model, such as applications, integrations, units, and more.

Execute Juju action from the UI and view the resulting logs to confirm their status.

Perform common administrative operations and apply machine configurations.

Onboard controllers and add, remove or manage user access to models and controllers.

Access the logs from your deployment in a single, centralised location.

Perform complex searches/filters through your entire deployment and share the result through a unique URL.

Deploy and manage charms across public clouds,
Kubernetes and VMs

Jaas helps you to manage your distributed applications across any infrastructure.

Thanks to Juju you can automate your system’s lifecycle management across public clouds, Kubernetes, virtual (VM) and bare metal machines.

JAAS is available through
Ubuntu Pro

You can deploy JAAS on your infrastructure with an Ubuntu Pro subscription.

Ubuntu Pro is a comprehensive subscription from Canonical which includes:

  • JAAS charms and sample Terraform plan
  • Access to our world-class technical team and knowledge base
  • Security patching for all your software
  • Option of a dedicated Canonical support engineer on your premises
  • 24/7 phone, portal and email support (optional)

Get JAAS with an Ubuntu Pro subscription

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