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Azul Zulu is open source implementation of OpenJDK.
It provides both JRE and JDK.
More information at http://www.azulsystems.com/products/zulu


Azul Zulu is an open source implementation of the Java Standard Edition ("SE")
specification. It is a binary build of the OpenJDK open source project.
Zulu provides a Java Runtime Environment needed for Java applications to run.

Azul Zulu 8 implements the Java SE 8 specification from Oracle.



Zulu is a subordinate charm that can be related to services needing java in
your environment. Deployment is simple:

juju deploy zulu8

At this point, Zulu is waiting for a relationship to some other service. This
can be any service that offers the
java interface. Building off the previous step, here is a simple deployment
scenario that would result in the Zulu JDK being installed on the
ubuntu-devenv unit:

juju deploy ubuntu-devenv
juju add-relation ubuntu-devenv zulu8

The Zulu charm adds a public key for the Azul apt-get repository to your system,
then installs Zulu-8 from it. The Zulu charm also sets Zulu-8 as default java
using update-alternatives.

Once deployed, you can use Zulu to run any Java workloads.

Contact Information

This charm was written and is maintained by staff at Azul Systems. If you
encounter a bug with the Zulu charm please post a


(string) Major version of Java. Defaults to 8.