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Vdbench is a disk and tape I/O workload generator for verifying data
integrity and measuring performance of direct attached and network
connected storage on Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, OS/X and HP/UX.
Download the source at http://vdbench.sourceforge.net/.
- Implemented in Java
- Easy to customize workloads using:

/vdbench [compare] [gui] [dvpost] [edit] [jstack] [parse] [print]
[sds] [rsh] for some Vdbench utility functions
- Additional examples and option specifications in the source tar.

juju charm: vdbench

  1. Deploy example
  2. Additional information

  3. Deploy Example Steps:

juju bootstrap
juju deploy vdbench
juju expose vdbench
Open web browswer to instance address http:// and view

  1. Additional information

2a. Deploy with custom I/O workload
- Download charm source from http://jujucharms.com/charms via bzr
- Add your vdbench workload file (Refer to the vbench.tar file for
examples) in the charm root directory
- As an example, change the start from './vdbench -t' to
'./vdbench -f '
- juju deploy --repository=