unattended upgrades #4

Supports: precise
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Installs the unattended-upgrades package to automatically install
security upgrades.


This charm provides a subordinate service you can add to any master
service to keep all packages up-to-date automatically, using the
unattended-upgrades package.

juju deploy <master>
juju deploy unattended-upgrades
juju add-relation <master> unattended-upgrades


Currently, no configuration is provided: unattended-upgrades provides the
ability to select specific archives and origins for upgrading, but this
package does not expose that functionality.

unattended-upgrades does not upgrade packages with configuration changes
to conffiles. This should be rare.

Neither unattended-upgrades nor this charm will re-start services to use
new libraries or executables. TODO: Check on libc upgrades. They might
restart services.