wordpress theme #0

Supports: xenial trusty bionic


Wordpress theme subordinate charm.

Juju wordpress-theme subordinate charm

This subordinate charm will deploy wordpress themes. Theme location can be any URL supported by the fetch charmhelper

How to deploy the charm

The charm interacts with the IS wordpress charm. Assuming you deployed the IS wordpress charm and have a copy of wordpress-theme charm in charms/$distrocodename/wordpress-theme relative to your current directory.

... then to perform a deployment execute the following steps:

juju deploy --repository=charms local:wordpress-theme wordpress-theme
juju set wordpress-theme theme_url="lp:~username/theme-name"

# and
juju add-relation wordpress wordpress-theme

Using the wordpress-theme relation

The charm requires theme_directory variable to be set in the relation data. Theme will be deployed to theme_name subdirectory under the theme_directory


* Add upgrade-charm support


(string) Name of the theme to deploy. Must be valid as a directory name.
(string) URL pointing to a location where the theme may be retrieved and unpacked. If the theme is bundled with the charm you can use: juju set wordpress-theme theme_url="file:files/my_theme.tgz"