wordpress plugin #0

Supports: xenial trusty bionic


Wordpress plugin subordinate charm. For a list of supported charms, see the config.yaml file.

Juju wordpress-plugin subordinate charm

Wordpress-plugin subordinate charm that will deploy a wordpress plugin. Optionally it can ensure required configuration options are set

How to deploy the charm

The charm interacts with the IS wordpress charm. Assuming you deployed the IS wordpress charm and have a copy of wordpress-plugin charm in charms/$distrocodename/wordpress-plugin relative to your current directory.

... then to perform a deployment execute the following steps:

juju deploy --repository=charms local:wordpress-plugin wordpress-plugin-openid
juju set wordpress-plugin-openid plugin_name=openid
juju set wordpress-plugin-openid code_uri=lp:~canonical-sysadmins/wordpress/wp-plugin-openid

# and
juju add-relation wordpress wordpress-plugin-openid

Wordpress options can be forced to certain values if plugins require them:

juju set wordpress-plugin-openid forced_options="openid_required_for_registration: 1"

Using the wordpress-plugin relation

The charm requires plugins_directory variable to be set in the relation data. Code will be deployed to the plugin_name subdirectory under plugins_directory


(string) comma-separated apparmor rules to be installed in the container charm's apparmor hat.
(string) Location where the complete plug-in code may be retrieved from. Accepts all formats supported by the charmhelpers' fetch framework. For example: branch from launchpad: lp:~canonical-sysadmins/wordpress/4.1 clone from git: git://example.com/new-theme-branch use file bundled with the charm: file:sourcecode/wordpress.tgz download directory from wordpress.org: https://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz
(string) YAML dictionary with keys named after wordpress settings and the desired values. Please note that the settings will be reset to values provided every time hooks run
(string) Name of the plugin to deploy. Must be valid as a directory name.
(string) Space-separated list of plugin names that must be installed before this one.