cf webadmin #1

Supports: trusty

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An Admin UI for CF

Cloudfoundry Web Admin

This charm deploys an admin interface for a juju deployed cloudfoundry


The cloudfoundry charm will soon provide a config option for deploying
this charm as part of cloudfoundry as a whole.


Currently, you must deploy it manually after deploying and exposing
cloudfoundry's haproxy:

juju deploy lp:~cf-charmers/charms/trusty/cf-webadmin/trunk cfwa


Then you must add the necessary relations, which are as follows:

cfwa:nats nats:nats cfwa:orchestrator cloudfoundry:orchestrator cfwa:db mysql:db cfwa:cc-db cc:cc-db cfwa:uaa uaa:uaa cfwa:uaa-db uaa:uaa-db

You can use the following bash onliner to do this:

for i in nats " nats" " cloudfoundry" ":db mysql" ":cc-db cc" ":uaa uaa:uaa" ":uaa-db uaa:uaa-db"; do juju add-relation cfwa$i;

A canned copy of the oneliner lives in in the charm source:

. cf-webamin/ do-relate cfwa


Now expose the webadmin and get the ip of cfwa:

juju expose webadmin juju status cfwa

Browsing to http://{ip}:8070 should bring you to a login. Use the default cf user
and password to login.


(string) Which git repository to install for the admin ui