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Provides a working webserver
- Runtime: - PHP - MySQL: - /var/webconfig/mysql contains the ip of the latest mysql server to use - /var/webconfig/{ip} contains the details to be able to connect to the db - /var/webconfig/opendb.php opens a connection to the db - mysql_conf is used to setup the db, either add it to config/ in charm or bzr branch


The first thing the LAMP charm does is to install and configure a new instance with Apache and PHP5. The charm will then copy any files under /website inside the charm folder structure, into /var/www.

It also allows you to specify a Bazaar branch. It will clone the branch into the webserver and copy the contents to /var/www. As an example set:
juju set lamp website-bzr="lp:~vtuson/+junk/mytodo_web"

You can set up a relationship with a Mysql service. A Mysql database is created by default at this time. You can change the name of the database as a configuration options.

juju set lamp website-database="your_db_name"

If you provide a file called mysql_config either on the /website folder or in the root of you Bazaar branch, this will be used to configure further the Mysql database. PLease note that this file is called every time a new unit is created. For example, item creation should first check if the table exists.

The charm will store the details of the relationship in /var/webconfig. In there you can also find opendb.php, a basic script that will open the connection to the MySQL database for you.


(string) describes is the website is on a bzr branch needs to be pulled
(string) this is the user name to access the db
(string) describes is the website is on a bzr branch
(string) The name of the database to use, if it does not exist it will be created