pybossa #3

Supports: trusty


PyBossa is an open source platform for crowd-sourcing online (volunteer) assistance to perform tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence (e.g. image classification, transcription, information location).


Juju Charm for PyBossa.

PyBossa is a free, 100% open-source framework for crowdsourcing. It enables you to create and run projects where volunteers help you with image classification, transcription, geocoding and more. PyBossa lets researchers, civic hackers and developers connect with people all around the world to solve problems faster and more efficiently. Embrace the power of the crowd!


Install PyBossa charm:

juju deploy pybossa


Install the PostgreSQL charm and connect PyBossa with the database:

juju deploy postgresql
juju add-relation pybossa postgresql:db-admin


HAProxy is a load balancer and necessary once more than one running PyBossa charm can connect to the DB (not supported yet).

Deploy HAProxy and connect it to the PyBossa instance:

juju deploy haproxy
juju add-relation haproxy pybossa
juju expose haproxy

Wait till HAProxy is exposed (you should see an ip here of haproxy):

juju status

and open your browser normally (port 80) with the IP you've got from juju status, e.g.:

Scale out Usage

Scaling of PyBossa is in this first version not supported.

Known Limitations and Issues

  • Does not allow multi PyBossa server environments at the moment.
  • Redis is currently used inside the charm. The official Redis charm will be used on a later version.


There is no configuration needed at this time.

Contact Information

Charm source code

Charm source code is maintained mainly on GitHub: PyBossa Charm

Every release will be pushed to the Juju charm store.

Report any bug, issue or improvement here: GitHub Charm issues

PyBossa itself

PyBossa webpage

You can read more about the architecture in the PyBossa Documentation and follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own projects.

For more info, send us an e-mail to: or follow us on Twitter!

Report any bug, issue or improvement: PyBossa GitHub Issues