limeds mongodb #1

Supports: xenial

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This charm installs LimeDS MongoDB connector.

LimeDS MongoDB installable

This Charm adds a MongoDB segment to LimeDS that you can use to talk to MongoDB.



Deploy MongoDB

juju deploy mongodb

Deploy the LimeDS bundle

juju deploy cs:~tengu-team/limeds-core

Deploy the LimeDS MongoDB connector

juju deploy cs:~tengu-tean/limeds-mongodb

Connect limeds-mongodb to limeds and to mongodb

juju add-relation limeds limeds-mongodb
juju add-relation mongoDB limeds-mongodb

Expose the Docker container where LimeDS is running

juju expose docker

Watch it being deployed using watch -c juju status --color (close using ctrl-c).

``` App Version Status Scale Charm Store Rev OS Notes
docker active 1 docker jujucharms 3 ubuntu exposed
limeds active 1 limeds local 1 ubuntu
limeds-mongodb active 1 limeds-mongodb local 1 ubuntu
mongodb unknown 1 mongodb jujucharms 37 ubuntu

Unit Workload Agent Machine Public address Ports Message
docker/0 active idle 38 32768/tcp Ready
active idle 38 Ready (ibcndevs/limeds)
limeds-mongodb/0 active idle Ready (1 units) mongodb/0 unknown idle 39 27017/tcp,27019/tcp,27021/tcp,28017/tcp

After deployment, go to http://<docker-url>:<docker-port>/editor and import the segment to your slice.

Contact Information


This software was created in the IDLab research group of Ghent University in Belgium. This software is used in Tengu, a project that aims to make experimenting with data frameworks and tools as easy as possible.


(string) Name of the MongoDB database that the segment will connect to.
(string) Id of the MongoDB connector installable. List of available installables:
(string) Version of the MongoDB connector installable. List of available installables:
(string) Id of the MongoDB segment that will be created in LimeDS. Your slices can refer to the segment using this id.