kafka spout #0

Supports: trusty

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This charm implements a spout class in an Apache Storm topology.


The Kafka-Spout charm represents an Apache Storm Kafka spout.
Required Apache Storm version is 0.10 +.


This charm can be used in the following way:

``` juju deploy zookeeper
juju deploy storm stormmaster
juju deploy storm stormworker
juju add-relation zookeeper stormmaster
juju add-relation zookeeper stormworker
juju add-relation stormmaster:master stormworker:worker

juju deploy storm-topology topo
juju add-relation topo stormmaster
juju deploy kafka-spout kspout
juju add-relation kspout stormmaster
juju add-relation kspout topo

juju set kspout "config=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xannz/WordCountExample/master/kafkaconfig.yaml"
juju set kspout "spoutconfigname=spoutConfig"

The spoutconfigname must match the id in the config file.

Contact Information


Report bugs on Github.


This software was created in the IBCN research group of Ghent University in Belgium. This software is used in Tengu, a project that aims to make experimenting with data frameworks and tools as easy as possible.


(string) kafka configuration url
(string) kafka spout id, should be unique in the topology and match kafka-config file