wordpress k8s #1

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  • stable, edge
Supports: kubernetes

Deploy this charm on Kubernetes with the CLI. Find out how by reading the docs.


Wordpress, using Docker official Wordpress image

= Wordpress k8s charm =

A Juju charm for a Kubernetes deployment of Wordpress, using the official Dockerhub Wordpress image or image built from this base.

== Overview ==

This is a k8s charm and can only be deployed to to a Juju k8s cloud, attached to a controller using 'juju add-k8s'.

The image to spin up is specified in the 'image' charm configuration option using standard docker notation (eg. 'localhost:32000/mywork-rev42'). Images must be publicly accessible. Default is the Dockerhub wordpress:php7.3 image

Standard configuration for the Wordpress image is in standard Juju config. In particular:

  • db_host, db_user & db_password. This charm may in future be relatable to a MySQL deployment, when the MySQL charm is updated to support cross model relations.
  • ports. Custom images may require additional ports to be opened, such as those providing monitoring or metrics endpoints.

Additional runtine configuration is specified as YAML snippets in the charm config. Both 'container_config' and 'container_secrets' items are provided, and they are combined together. 'container_config' gets logged, 'container_secrets' does not. This allows you to configure customized Wordpress images.

== Details ==

See config option descriptions in config.yaml.

== Quickstart ==

Notes for deploying a test setup locally using microk8s:

sudo snap install juju --classic
sudo snap install juju-wait --classic
sudo snap install microk8s --classic
sudo snap alias microk8s.kubectl kubectl

microk8s.reset  # Warning! Clean slate!
microk8s.enable dns dashboard registry storage
microk8s.status --wait-ready
microk8s.config | juju add-k8s myk8s  
juju bootstrap myk8s
juju add-model wordpress-test
juju create-storage-pool operator-storage kubernetes storage-class=microk8s-hostpath
juju deploy cs:~stub/wordpress-k8s --channel=edge wordpress
juju config wordpress db_host= db_user=wp db_password=secret
juju wait
juju status # Shows IP address, and port is 80

== Future ==

  • mysql relation
  • Add mechanism for images to pull secrets from k8s secret stores.
  • Add heathchecks to container spec (confirm something is listening on the opened ports).


(string) YAML formatted map of container config keys & values. These are generally accessed from inside the image as environment variables. Use to configure customized Wordpress images. This configuration gets logged; use container_secrets for secrets.
(string) YAML formatted map of secrets. Works just like container_config, except that values should not be logged.
(string) MySQL database host
(string) MySQL database user's password
(string) MySQL database user
(string) The docker image to install. Required. Defaults to Dockerhub wordpress:php7.3
(string) Ports to expose, space separated list in name:8000 format. Names are alphanumeric + hyphen. eg. "http:80 metrics:7127"