pentaho bi server #7

Supports: xenial zesty


Web based BI tool which allows users to query data stored in JDBC compliant databases.


The Pentaho BI server is an open source, Apache licensed, business intelligence server written by Hitachi. It is fully featured, customisable and has a myriad of plugins available for it.

This charm allows deployment of the Pentaho BI server to different environments and contains the Pentaho BI server and dedicated MySQL server for its management databases.


To deploy the charm run:

juju deploy ~spiculecharms/pentaho-bi-server

to make the BI server available you then need to run:

juju expose pentaho-bi-server

You can then browse to http://ip-address:8080/pentaho to configure the application.

The default username and password is admin/password.

Scale out Usage

Currently this charm does not support scale out usage.

Known Limitations and Issues

This charm is currently pretty basic, and doesn't support scaleout/HA usage, this will be resolved in an upcoming release.

More features and relations to improve deployments will be coming soon.



Contact Information

Tom Barber - Stephen Downie -


(string) default snap channel
(string) HTTP/HTTPS web proxy for Snappy to use when accessing the snap store.