gluu server #3

Supports: trusty


The Gluu Server includes an OpenID Connect Identity Provider (IDP) and UMA Authorization Server (AS), and is engineered to support robust enterprise requirements for uptime and availability.


The Gluu Server is like a router for authentication and authorization. It support SSO via OpenID Connect, and can be used by an organization to manage both inbound and outbound authentication and authorization requirements. Through the use of "interception scripts", system administrators can mold the Gluu Server to solve the exact access management task at hand, including protecting APIs and enforcing multi-factor authentication.


gluu server will not work in lxc container.

About config variable 'properties'

'properties' example data format, '{"IP":"public-ip-address-of-your-box","HOSTNAME":"","ORGNAME":"your-org-name","COUNTRYCODE":"US","CITY":"Austin","STATE":"TX","EMAIL":"","LDAPPASS":"abcd5678"}'

You can only set this once, after that charm will discard any change in 'properties'. JSON value must not blank.


(string) set properties for setup, datatype must be JSON