sitewhere loadtest #2

Supports: trusty
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SiteWhere is the Open Platform for the Internet of Things. This charm
adds the ability to dynamically load test one or more SiteWhere server
instances using a highly configurable load testing framework.
SiteWhere load test nodes can be scaled out to push the limits
of server configurations, revealing bottlenecks and providing
performance numbers for various configurations and environments.


This charm deploys a SiteWhere Load Test node
which is used to generate traffic for testing SiteWhere performance. Once
a SiteWhere node or cluster has been established, add one or more load
test nodes to start generating traffic.


The SiteWhere Load Test charm allows for the following options:

  • config-url - Provides an external configuration URL which is used in place
    of the sitewhere-loadtest.xml file included in the charm. This configuration file
    should include property placeholders for settings that can be configured via
    relationships. See examples below for more information.


Single Sitewhere node with MongoDB, MQTT, and a SiteWhere Load Test node.

# Deploy the SiteWhere node 
juju deploy cs:~sitewhere/trusty/sitewhere
juju deploy cs:~tasdomas/trusty/mosquitto
juju deploy mongodb

# Add relationships
juju add-relation sitewhere mongodb
juju add-relation sitewhere mosquitto

# Use an externally specified SiteWhere configuration
juju set sitewhere config-url=

# Deploy the SiteWhere Load Test node 
juju deploy cs:~sitewhere/trusty/sitewhere-loadtest

# Add relationships
juju add-relation sitewhere-loadtest mosquitto
juju add-relation sitewhere sitewhere-loadtest

# Use an externally specified SiteWhere Load Test configuration
juju set sitewhere-loadtest config-url=

Scaling Out

Any number of SiteWhere Load Test nodes may be run in parallel to generate
traffic. If multiple load test configurations are needed, create multiple
services (using different service names in the deploy command) and scale
them independently.


(string) URL that points to an external SiteWhere Load Test Node configuration which will be copied to the node.
(int) Maximum Java heap size in megabytes.
(int) Maximum Java permanant generation space in megabytes.
(int) Minimum Java heap size in megabytes.
(int) Mininum Java permanant generation space in megabytes.