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This charm allows administering of MySQL with a web interface.


The phpMyAdmin charm can handle 1 to n MySQL services deployed via Juju. The
following is what will be needed to get started with just one relation this
assumes you've downloaded the MySQL charm as well as this charm.

Here's a video:

juju deploy mysql 
juju deploy phpmyadmin 
juju add-relation phpmyadmin mysql

Replace the default password with your actually password

juju set phpmyadmin password="password" 
juju expose phpmyadmin

You can then access phpmyadmin via the web url, remember to substitute in the
actual IP according to your cloud provider, and don't forget the /myphpadmin at
the end:


Configuration Options

The default user is juju-admin; however, that can be changed (or new users
added), by passing a value for add-user:

juju set phpmyadmin add-user="jorge" juju set phpmyadmin del-user="jorge"

This charm comes with the ability to switch between upstream or what comes in
the Ubuntu Archive Repositories. By default the version from the Repos will be
installed. At anytime you can set use-upstream to be true

juju set phpmyadmin use-upstream=true

At anytime you can switch back by setting this to false.

juju set phpmyadmin use-upstream=false

During the switches your configuration files will remain intact.


(string) HTTP-Auth username, if no password is supplied the account is not created.
(string) Blowfish encryption phrase
(string) The name of the control database to use, if it does not exist it will be created
(string) Remove an HTTP Auth user
(string) HTTP AUTH password
(string) This switch will either use the latest stable from phpMyAdmin upstream project site or the Ubuntu package from the repository