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Supports: trusty
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A simple Quobyte bundle

This bundle deploys the Quobyte Storage System in a demonstration configuration.


You can deploy the demo bundle with:

juju quickstart bundle: FIXME

After deployment you can create volumes using the actions defined at the quobyte-api charm (or in the webconsole):

juju action do qb-api/0 volume-create volume='testVolumeUbuntu' user='ubuntu' group='ubuntu' configuration='BASE'

To get the public address of the Quobyte-Webconsole run juju status qb-webconsole. The webconsole is listening on Port 8080. . To check the mounted volumes you can log into the machine that runs the Quobyte-Client, using juju ssh qb-client/0 and check the folder /media/quobyte/.

Scale Out Usage

This bundle deploys Quobyte Registry-, Data- and Metadata- Services. The demo requires a minimum of 4 units, running Registy-, Data- and Metadata-Service together on

juju ...

Bundle configuration

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