prometheus nrpe exporter #1

Supports: xenial bionic
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This exporter exposes status and duration of all configured nrpe checks. By default, this exporter listens on TCP port 9275

Juju prometheus nrpe exporter charm

This charm provides the NRPE exporter based on

It deployes snap package built using forked repo located here


(string) If install_method is set to "snap" this option controlls channel name. Supported values are: "stable", "candidate", "beta" and "edge"
(string) HTTP/HTTPS web proxy for Snappy to use when accessing the snap store.
(string) The address of a Snap Store Proxy to use for snaps e.g.
(string) How often snapd handles updates for installed snaps. The default (an empty string) is 4x per day. Set to "max" to check once per month based on the charm deployment date. You may also set a custom string as described in the 'refresh.timer' section here: