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Supports: trusty
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The Droplet Execution Agent manages application instances, tracks started instances, and broadcasts state messages. For more information see -


This charm provides the Cloud Foundry Droplet Execution Agent.

The Droplet Execution Agent (DEA) is a process that runs on Cloud Foundry VMs that host applications. A DEA subscribes to the messages that the Cloud Controller publishes when droplets need to be run. If the DEA host meets the runtime and RAM requirements of a droplet, the DEA responds to the Cloud Controller's request, receives the droplet, and starts it. Similarly, a DEA stops an application as requested by the Cloud Controller. A DEA keeps track of the instances it started and periodically broadcasts messages about their state using NATS.

The charm installs, configures and starts daemons (upstart jobs): - cf-dea - cf-dea-logging-agent - cf-warden - cf-dir-server


Obviously used in a bundle with other CF components. To deploy the DEA service:

juju deploy --to kvm:0 cf-dea

The CF's daemons actually start after all relations set.

Known Limitations and Issues

VirtualBox doesn't support nested virtualization so it is impossible to deploy the charm inside a VirtualBox machine. Juju doesn't destroy KVM machine on 'juju destroy-environment local' so you need to do it manually.

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(string) Optional configuration to support use of additional sources such as: . - ppa:myteam/ppa - cloud:precise-proposed/folsom - main . The last option should be used in conjunction with the key configuration option. .
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