postgresql #11

Supports: kubernetes

Deploy this charm on Kubernetes with the CLI. Find out how by reading the docs.


PostgreSQL charm for Kubernetes deployments.

PostgreSQL Operator


Charm for Juju to deploy and manage PostgreSQL in a Kubernetes environment. Multiple units will provision a single master and remaining units as hot standby servers. Automatic failover will occur if a database goes down and there are enough remaining units for form a quorum, managed by repmgrd.


Provision a Juju environment and a k8s model, per Juju documentation. Then to deploy 3 units (pods) using the default image, simply:

juju deploy -n3 cs:~postgresql-charmers/postgresql-k8s postgresql

Client charms needing to connect with PostgreSQL should use the ops-lib-pgsql library to manage the relation.

Scale Out Usage

To horizontally scale, adding more read-only standbys:

juju add-unit postgresql

Note that this charm provides standard PostgreSQL, with a single read/write master node. Adding more nodes can only provide extra read-only capacity, and only to clients making use of the hot standby connection details (which will be load balanced over all available hot standby databases).


Just run make test.

For more details, see here.