neutron plumgrid plugin #7

Supports: trusty


Neutron is a virtual network service for Openstack, and a part of Netstack. Neutron provides an API to dynamically request and configure virtual networks. PLUMgrid is a plugin in Neutron, which takes over networking in the openstack environment.

PLUMgrid Neutron Plugin enables PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite, which is a secure, comprehensive and open software solution that delivers terabits of performance and scales across tens of thousands of workloads. The product suite provides highly automated workflows that significantly reduce the deployment time of OpenStack clouds, enables users to create private Virtual Domains™ for their projects and is compatible with the leading OpenStack distributions.


This charm enables PLUMgrid Neutron plugin in an OpenStack environment.

Once deployed, the charm enables the necessary actions in the neutron-server container that allows the PLUMgrid plugin to take over networking for the OpenStack environment.

It is a subordinate charm to neutron-api charm.


Step by step instructions on using the charm:

juju deploy neutron-api
juju deploy neutron-plumgrid-plugin
juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-plumgrid-plugin

To enable PLUMgrid in neutron make the configuration in the neutron-api charm as specified in the configuration section below.

Known Limitations and Issues

The charm currently only supports JUNO.


Example Config

    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    enable-metadata: False
    neutron-plugin: "plumgrid"
    plumgrid-virtual-ip: ""

Provide the source repo path for PLUMgrid Debs in 'install_sources' and the corresponding keys in 'install_keys'

The "neutron-plugin" config parameter is required to be "plumgrid" in the neutron-api charm to enable PLUMgrid. Also the virtual IP on which PLUMgrid GUI is going to be accessible should be specified in the "plumgrid-virtual-ip" config parameter.

Contact Information

Bilal Baqar Bilal Ahmad


(boolean) Set as True to enable metadata support