weechat #4

Supports: bionic
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WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a fast and light chat client for many operating systems. Everything can be done with a keyboard. It is customizable and extensible with plugins/scripts, and includes - support of IRC protocol (native) - support of XMPP/Jabber protocol (with additional script) - nicklist - smart hotlist - horizontal and vertical split - double charset support (decode/encode) - FIFO pipe for remote control - 256 colors support - incremental text search - dynamic filtering of buffer content - Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Scheme and Javascript scripting - scripts manager - spell checking - highly customizable and extensible - and much more!


This charm provides weechat. Add a description here of what the service itself actually does.

Also remember to check the [icon guidelines][] so that your charm looks good in the Juju GUI.


juju deploy cs:~pirate-charmers/weechat

This will install weechat in a screen session. You can connect to the machine and connect to the screen as the user 'weechat'.

juju ssh weechat/0
sudo su - weechat
screen -R

The charm also provides a reverseproxy relation which can be used with HAProxy. If related to HAProxy the weechat relay will be available on HAProxy on port 443 URI /weechat. Weechat is setup with a self signed certificate which will be used for the backend connection. HAProxy should also be configured with TLS.


See charm config options

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(boolean) Enable weechat relay
(boolean) Encrypt the weechat folder and logs at rest
(string) Encryption password, must be provided if encryption is enabled
(string) Space separated list of extra deb packages to install.
(string) List of signing keys for install_sources package sources, per charmhelpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). The keys should be the full ASCII armoured GPG public keys. While GPG key ids are also supported and looked up on a keyserver, operators should be aware that this mechanism is insecure. null can be used if a standard package signing key is used that will already be installed on the machine, and for PPA sources where the package signing key is securely retrieved from Launchpad.
(string) List of extra apt sources, per charm-helpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). Each source may be either a line that can be added directly to sources.list(5), or in the form ppa:<user>/<ppa-name> for adding Personal Package Archives, or a distribution component to enable.
(string) The status of service-affecting packages will be set to this value in the dpkg database. Valid values are "install" and "hold".
(boolean) If true use fqdn with the reverse proxy, if false use ip address
(string) Password for relay, blank to generate one automatically
(int) Weechat relay port
(string) Custom config for weechat. One command per line, ex: /server add freenode chat.freenode.net/6697 -ssl -autoconnect