gitlab runner #5

Supports: bionic
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GitLab Runner is the open source project that is used to run your jobs and
send the results back to GitLab.
It is used in conjunction with GitLab CI, the open-source continuous integration
service included with GitLab, which coordinates the jobs.

pipeline status
coverage report

GitLab CI Runner Charm

This is a simple charm to install and configure the GitLab CI runner on a target system.
Presently, the registration token and GitLab URI need to be manually retrieved and configuring using the
gitlab-uri and gitlab-token configuration parameters on this charm.

The infrastructure is in place to handle this via a relation, but finishing this work is pending a method to
programatically obtain the token in the GitLab charm.


  • Pull required images
  • Add relation-based registration


(int) Seconds a runner waits between checks for each executor.
(int) Number of concurrent jobs for a runner
(string) The shared CI runner key provided by GitLab
(string) The URI used when registering and communicating with the GitLab CI server