neutron api subordinate shim #1

Supports: xenial bionic artful trusty


Use this charm for testing the neutron-api subordinate interface, or as a template for writing a new suborindate charm. Has no practical production use.


This is a shim charm meant for faciliating testing of the neutron-api charm's subordinate interface. Use it if you want to test things like overriding values in the neutron.conf.


Deploy neutron-api, with accompanying services. Set the plugin legacy mode to false. Then deploy this charm.

juju deploy some-minimal-neutron-api-bundle.yaml juju config neutron-api manage-neutron-plugin-legacy-mode=false

juju deploy /path/to/this/charm juju relate neturon-api neutron-api-suboridinate-stub

Contact Information

Fee free to contact the charm's author if you have any questions: freenode#petevg


(boolean) Enable debug logging.
(string) Repository from which to install. May be one of the following: distro (default), ppa:somecustom/ppa, a deb url sources entry, or a supported Ubuntu Cloud Archive e.g. . cloud:<series>-<openstack-release> cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/updates cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/staging cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/proposed . See for info on which cloud archives are available and supported. . NOTE: updating this setting to a source that is known to provide a later version of OpenStack will trigger a software upgrade unless action-managed-upgrade is set to True.
(boolean) Openstack mostly defaults to using public endpoints for internal communication between services. If set to True this option will configure services to use internal endpoints where possible.
(boolean) Setting this to True will allow supporting services to log to syslog.
(boolean) Enable verbose logging.