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Phusion Passenger is an application server for Ruby (Rack) apps.
It allows you to get your web apps online with the least amount of hassle, by taking
care of pretty much all of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to managing
your apps' processes and resources.


Nginx with Phusion Passenger module Juju Charm. Provides a container for subordinate Rack Charm.


  1. Deploy Nginx with Passenger module.

    juju deploy nginx-passenger
  2. Deploy Rack application and all dependent services (see how).

    juju deploy rack --config myapp.yml
  3. Relate them

    juju add-relation rack nginx-passenger
  4. Open the stack up to the outside world.

    juju expose nginx-passenger
  5. Find the nginx-passenger instance's public URL from

    juju status


It's possible to use this service with load balancer. Here is an example

  1. Run steps 1-3 from Usage section

  2. Deploy load balancer, e.g. haproxy

    juju deploy haproxy
  3. Relate it to the stack

    juju add-relation haproxy nginx-passenger
  4. Scale up the stack

    juju add-unit -n3 nginx-passenger
  5. Expose load balancer up to the outside world.

    juju expose haproxy

Under the hood


  • Add Python (WSGI) apps support.