ntp server #0

Supports: xenial

A simple NTP server bundle

This bundle deploys an NTP server with nrpe & telegraf. NTP metrics will be gathered by telegraf and may be scraped with prometheus, and the nrpe server may be monitored with Nagios.

Units may be either bare metal systems such as MAAS or manually-deployed hosts, or VMs using KVM, Xen, or similar. Containers are not recommended for NTP server deployments.


You can deploy this bundle with:

juju deploy cs:~ntp-team/bundle/ntp-server

You can scale out the deployment by adding units with juju add-unit. (A maximum of 10 units is recommended, with 4-6 being most common.) Units will automatically peer with one another, as well as using the configured higher- stratum sources.


Each of the charms has configuration options which will need to be changed to suit your environment. The most common ones needing change are:

  • nrpe: nagios_master - set to the DNS name or IP address of your Nagios server

  • ntp: source - nearby, low-stratum, publicly-available NTP servers are recommended

In addition, the telegraf charm does not currently provide access control on TCP port 9103 (the prometheus scraper port), so please ensure the port is adequately protected for your requirements.

Bundle configuration