ovn central #1

Supports: bionic eoan
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Principal charm that deploys ovn-northd, the OVN central control daemon,
and ovsdb-server, the Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB).

The ovn-northd daemon is responsible for translating the high-level OVN
configuration into logical configuration consumable by daemons such as

The ovn-northd process talks to OVN Northbound- and Southbound- databases.

The ovsdb-server exposes endpoints over relations implemented by the ovsdb

The charm supports clustering of the OVSDB, you must have a odd number of
units for this to work. Note that write performance decreases as you
increase the number of units.

Running multiple ovn-northd daemons is supported and they will operate in
active/passive mode. The daemon uses a locking feature in the OVSDB to
automatically choose a single active instance.


OVN provides open source network virtualization for Open vSwitch (OVS).



Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general questions please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.


(string) Repository from which to install OVS+OVN May be one of the following: distro (default) ppa:somecustom/ppa (PPA name must include UCA OpenStack Release name) deb url sources entry|key id or a supported Ubuntu Cloud Archive pocket. Supported Ubuntu Cloud Archive pockets include: cloud:xenial-pike cloud:xenial-queens cloud:bionic-rocky Note that updating this setting to a source that is known to provide a later version of Ceph will trigger a software upgrade.