nsx transport node #1

Supports: trusty


VMware NSX provides a highly flexible, high performance, secure network virtualization solution for data centers. . This charm is used to configure a principle service as a transport node in a NSX cluster. This includes installing and configuring OpenvSwitch to be controlled by the NSX cluster.

NSX transport node


This charm should be used with other principle charms to install and configure the service units as Transport Nodes within a VMware VMware NSX cluster.

The principle use of this charm is with the nova-compute and quantum-gateway charms used within an OpenStack deployment.

NOTE: this charm relies on binaries that are distributed to customers of VMware who have purchased VMware NSX.


Note that NSX requires use of very specific versions of OpenvSwitch; these are provided as deb files in a tar.gz provided by VMware/VMware.

This bundle must be extracted in the 'payload' folder within the charm prior to deployment. The charm expects to find deb's; if they are missing the install hook will error out.

The charm will extract the bundle and install any deb files found.


You must also provide an IP address for at least one NSX cluster controller and the UUID of the transport zone which the transport node will be connected to in addition to the username and password to use when communicating with NSX.

The method of connecting the transport node to the NSX transport zone can also be provided; by default the charm with use 'STTConnector' - the full list of options includes:

  • STTConnector
  • GREConnector
  • IPsecSTTConnector
  • IPsecGREConnector

Multiple connectors can be configured; the list is space delimited.

The integration OpenvSwitch bridge to create and configure for use can also be specified; by default this is 'br-int' but can be configured on first use.

Example configuration:

  cluster-controllers: ""
  username: myusername
  password: mypassword
  tz-uuid: 89767989-4659-4ef1-90a5-8ebbbdabbe17
  tz-connector-types: "STTConnector GREConnector"
  integration-bridge: br-int


(string) Space delimited list of NSX controllers to use.
(string) Name of the OpenvSwitch integration bridge to use with NSX.
(string) Optional URL to NSX OpenvSwitch tarball containing Debian packages.
(string) List of packages to install for NSX.
openvswitch-datapath-dkms openvswitch-switch nicira-ovs-hypervisor-node
(string) Password to use when communicating with NSX contoller.
(string) NSX connector types to configure connections from node to transport zone.
(string) UUID of NSX transport zone to connect node to.
(string) Username to use when communicating with NSX controller.