nova compute proxy #12

Supports: xenial bionic cosmic trusty


OpenStack Compute, codenamed Nova, is a cloud computing fabric controller. In addition to its "native" API (the OpenStack API), it also supports the Amazon EC2 API. . This charm acts as a proxy to remotely configure multiple z/KVM or PowerKVM hosts which are not running Ubuntu.


This charm is in ALPHA state, currently in active development.

Developers can be reached on freenode channel #openstack-charms.

The nova-compute-proxy charm deploys OpenStack Nova Compute to a pre-existing rpm-based Power8 PowerKVM or s390x z/KVM machine, where the remainder of the Ubuntu OpenStack control plane and storage applications are deployed to machines via MAAS.


To deploy a nova-compute-proxy service, have the following prepared in advance:

  • PowerKVM or z/KVM machine(s) manually provisioned, booted, accessible from the control plane units, with network interfaces and storage ready to use.
  • An ssh key that the charm can use to remotely execute installation and configuration operations.
  • Yum repository/repositories or .iso file(s) which contain the appropriate IBM OpenStack RPMs. If using .iso file(s), they must be loop-mounted on the compute node host.
  • Password-less sudo for the specified user configured on the compute node.

Once you have this setup you must configure the charm as follow:

  • Apply the following charm config:
    • remote-user: username used to access and configure the power node.
    • remote-repos: Yum repository url(s) or file url(s)
    • remote-hosts: IP address of power node
    • remote-key: Private key string to use for access
    • Example: remote-user: youruser remote-repos: file:///tmp/openstack-iso/openstack,file:///tmp/other-iso/repofs remote-key: | -----BEGIN DSA PRIVATE KEY----- MIIBugIBAAKBgQD3IG188Q07kQdbRJhlZqknNpoGDB1r9+XGq9+7nmWGKusbOn6L 5VdyoHnx0BvgHHJmOAvJ+39sex9KvToEM0Jfav30EfffVzIrjaZZBMZkO/kWkEdd TJrpMoW5nqiyNQRHCJWKkTiT7hNwS7AzUFkH1cR16bkabUfNhx3nWVsfGQIVAM7l FlrJwujvWxOOHIRrihVmnUylAoGBAKGjWAPuj23p2II8NSTfaK/VJ9CyEF1RQ4Pv +wtCRRE/DoN/3jpFnQz8Yjt6dYEewdcWFDG9aJ/PLvm/qX335TSz86pfYBd2Q3dp 9/RuaXTnLK6L/gdgkGcDXG8fy2kk0zteNjMjpzbaYpjZmIQ4lu3StUkwTm8EppZz b0KXUNhwAn8bSTxNIZnlfoYzzwT2XPjHMlqeFbYxJMo9Dk5+AY6+tmr4/uR5ySDD A+Txxh7RPhIBQwrIdGlOYOR3Mh03NcYuU+yrUsv4xLP8SeWcfiuAXFctXu0kzvPC uIQ1EfKCrOtbWPcbza2ipo1J8MN/vzLCu69Jdq8af0OqJFoDcY0vAhUAxh2BNdRr HyF1bGCP1t8JdMJVtb0= -----END DSA PRIVATE KEY----- remote-hosts:


(string) Comma-separated list of key=value config flags. These values will be placed in the nova.conf [DEFAULT] section. Use with caution.
(string) Set to 'host-model' to clone the host CPU feature flags; to 'host-passthrough' to use the host CPU model exactly; to 'custom' to use a named CPU model; to 'none' to not set any CPU model. If virt_type='kvm|qemu', it will default to 'host-model', otherwise it will default to 'none'. Defaults to 'host-passthrough' for ppc64el, ppc64le if no value is set.
(string) Set to a named libvirt CPU model (see names listed in /usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map.xml). Only has effect if cpu_mode='custom' and virt_type='kvm|qemu'.
(string) The data port will be added to br-data and will allow usage of flat or VLAN network types with Neutron.
(boolean) Enabled debug level logging
(boolean) Disable neutron based security groups - setting this configuration option will override any settings configured via the neutron-api charm. . BE CAREFUL - this option allows you to disable all port level security within an OpenStack cloud.
(string) Instance path to use - empty means default of /var/lib/nova/instances
(string) OpenStack release to use for configuration of remote compute node.
(boolean) Enable suppression of ARP responses that don't match an IP address that belongs to the port from which they originate. . Only supported in OpenStack Liberty or newer, which has the required minimum version of Open vSwitch.
(string) Username used to access rabbitmq queue
(string) Rabbitmq vhost
(string) Remote compute node hosts to manager; space delimited.
(string) SSH key to use to access remote compute nodes.
(string) sudo password on remote compute node (NOT recommended). Use ssh key instead.
(string) Comma separated list of RPM repositorys of OpenStack packages to deploy to remote compute nodes.
(string) Username used to access remote compute nodes.
(int) Amount of memory in MB to reserve for the host. Defaults to 512MB.
(boolean) By default, all services will log into their corresponding log files. Setting this to True will force all services to log to the syslog.
(boolean) Enabled verbose level logging