woodpecker #5

Supports: focal bionic


Charm for executing storage benchmarking


The woodpecker charm deploy a testing tool that enables various action based performance tests to be performed.



See file config.yaml for the full list of options, along with their descriptions and default values. The option, pool-name, may be provided as a default pool name for the bench tests.

  • pool-name


We are assuming a pre-existing Ceph cluster.

To provide the testing host:

juju deploy cs:~openstack-charmers-next/woodpecker

Then add a relation to the ceph-mon application:

juju add-relation woodpecker:ceph-client ceph-mon:client

Snap on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal)

Due to LP Bug #1902951 it is necessary to use the Swift Bench Snap when deploying woodpecker on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal).

In the bundle:

... code-block:: console

woodpecker: num_units: 1 series: focal resources: swift-bench: /path/to/swift-bench.snap

From command line:

:command:`juju attach-resource woodpecker swift-bench=/path/to/swift-bench.snap


This section covers Juju actions supported by the charm. Actions allow specific operations to be performed on a per-unit basis.

  • rados-bench
  • rbd-bench
  • swift-bench
  • fio

To display action descriptions run juju actions woodpecker. If the charm is not deployed then see file actions.yaml.


(string) Space delimted list of block devices.
(string) Key ID to import to the apt keyring to support use with arbitary source configuration from outside of Launchpad archives or PPA's.
(int) Mon and OSD debug level. Max is 20.
(string) Ceph pool name for tests to use.
(string) Optional configuration to support use of additional sources such as: - ppa:myteam/ppa - cloud:trusty-proposed/kilo - http://my.archive.com/ubuntu main The last option should be used in conjunction with the key configuration option. Note that a minimum ceph version of 0.48.2 is required for use with this charm which is NOT provided by the packages in the main Ubuntu archive for precise but is provided in the Ubuntu cloud archive.
(string) Base64 encoded SSL CA to use when contacting ceph-radosgw via TLS. Only required if vault certificates are not in use and ceph-radosgw is using an external CA.