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OpenDaylight is a network virtualization solution that provides an overlay virtual-network to virtual-machines, containers or network namespaces. . This charm provides the controller component.


OpenDaylight (www.opendaylight.org) is a fully featured Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution for private clouds. It provides a Neutron plugin to integrate with OpenStack.

This charm is designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the OpenStack related charms in the charm store to virtualize the network that Nova Compute instances plug into.

This charm provides the controller component of an OpenDayLight installation.

Only OpenStack Icehouse or newer is supported.


To deploy the OpenDayLight controller:

juju deploy odl-controller

To integrate OpenDayLight into an OpenStack Cloud (subset of commands):

juju deploy neutron-api-odl
juju deploy openvswitch-odl

The neutron-gateway charm must also be deployed with 'ovs-odl' as the plugin configuration option:

cat > config.yaml << EOF
    plugin: ovs-odl
juju deploy --config config.yaml neutron-gateway

And then add relations between services to complete the deployment:

juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-api-odl
juju add-relation neutron-api-odl odl-controller

juju add-relation openvswitch-odl nova-compute
juju add-relation openvswitch-odl neutron-gateway
juju add-relation openvswitch-odl odl-controller

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(string) Proxy to use for http connections for OpenDayLight
(string) Proxy to use for https connections for OpenDayLight
(string) Apt keys for package install sources
(string) Package sources to install. Can be used to specify where to install the opendaylight-karaf package from.
(string) Web addressable location of OpenDayLight binaries to install If unset, the charm will install binaries from the opendaylight-karaf package.
(string) SDN controller profile to configure OpenDayLight for; supported values include cisco-vpp: Cisco VPP for OpenStack openvswitch-odl: Open vSwitch OpenDayLight for OpenStack - Helium release openvswitch-odl-lithium: Open vSwitch OpenDayLight for OpenStack - Lithium release openvswitch-odl-beryllium: Open vSwitch OpenDayLight for OpenStack - Beryllium release Only a single profile is supported at any one time.