kerberos test fixture #2

Supports: impish hirsute groovy focal bionic xenial


Basic Kerberos install with known test data


This charm performs a basic Kerberos install, creates a principal for tests, and an admin user.

The user is:


The password is:


Kerberos realm is:


Kerberos server is:

Once the server is deployed, add an entry in /etc/hosts of your local machine to be able to contact the kerberos by its hostname

Then, you can test the authentication of the user with kinit:

kinit admin
Password for admin@TESTUBUNTU.COM: password123

The keytab for the principal is created and located at /etc/krb5.keytab.

To manipulate the kerberos server after deployment, ssh into the server and use the kadmin.local utility, under the root user. i.e:

juju ssh kerberos-test-fixture/0
sudo su -
> ? (for commands help)
> addprinc -randkey HTTP/myservice
> ktadd -k myservice.keytab HTTP/myservice

For more examples, you can take a look at the zaza tests for the keystone-kerberos charm : zaza-openstack-tests/zaza/openstack/charm_tests/kerberos

Most of this code has been taken from testing scripts from the request-kerberos python library