cinder ceph #215

Supports: wily


Cinder is the block storage service for the Openstack project. . This charm provides a Ceph storage backend for Cinder

Ceph Storage Backend for Cinder


This charm provides a Ceph storage backend for use with the Cinder charm; this allows multiple Ceph storage clusters to be associated with a single Cinder deployment, potentially alongside other storage backends from other vendors.

To use:

juju deploy cinder
juju deploy -n 3 ceph
juju deploy cinder-ceph
juju add-relation cinder-ceph cinder
juju add-relation cinder-ceph ceph


The cinder-ceph charm allows the replica count for the Ceph storage pool to be configured. This must be done in advance of relating to the ceph charm:

juju set cinder-ceph ceph-osd-replication-count=3
juju add-relation cinder-ceph ceph

By default, the replica count is set to 2 replicas. Increasing this value increases data resilience at the cost of consuming most real storage in the Ceph cluster.


(int) This value dictates the number of replicas ceph must make of any object it stores withing the cinder rbd pool. Of course, this only applies if using Ceph as a backend store. Note that once the cinder rbd pool has been created, changing this value will not have any effect (although it can be changed in ceph by manually configuring your ceph cluster).