contrail configuration #2

Supports: trusty


OpenContrail is a network virtualization solution that provides an overlay virtual-network to virtual-machines, containers or network namespaces. . This charm provides the configuration node component.


OpenContrail ( is a fully featured Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution for private clouds. It supports high performance isolated tenant networks without requiring external hardware support. It provides a Neutron plugin to integrate with OpenStack.

This charm is designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the OpenStack related charms in the charm store to virtualize the network that Nova Compute instances plug into.

This charm provides the configuration node component which includes contrail-api, contrail-schema, contrail-discovery and ifmap-server services. Only OpenStack Icehouse or newer is supported. Juju 1.23.2+ required.


This charm is written to work with the neutron-api charm, which must be deployed with 'neutron-plugin' set to 'contrail':

    neutron-plugin: contrail

Cassandra, Zookeeper, RabbitMQ and Keystone are prerequisite services to deploy. Once ready, deploy and relate as follows:

juju deploy contrail-configuration
juju add-relation contrail-configuration:cassandra cassandra:database
juju add-relation contrail-configuration zookeeper
juju add-relation contrail-configuration rabbitmq-server
juju add-relation contrail-configuration keystone

Relating to a neutron/quantum gateway charm will register a linklocal service which Nova Compute instances can use to access nova proxy and obtain cloud metadata such as SSH keys:

juju add-relation contrail-configuration neutron-gateway

After deployment, relate to neutron-api:

juju add-relation neutron-api contrail-configuration


(string) Floating IP pools to create. Using a YAML encoded string specify one or more floating IP pools using a list of maps, where each map consists of the following attributes: project - project name network - network name pool-name - floating pool name target-projects - list of projects allowed to use pool For example: // create a floating ip pool named floatingip_pool on admin:public network // and allow admin project to use [ { project: admin, network: public, pool-name: floatingip_pool, target-projects: [ admin ] } ]
(string) Package sources for install
- "ppa:opencontrail/ppa" - "ppa:opencontrail/r2.20"
(string) Repository from which to install. May be one of the following: distro (default), ppa:somecustom/ppa, a deb url sources entry, or a supported Cloud Archive release pocket. Supported Cloud Archive sources include: cloud:precise-folsom, cloud:precise-folsom/updates, cloud:precise-folsom/staging, cloud:precise-folsom/proposed.
(string) Virtual IP address to use when services are related in a High Availability configuration.