neutron calico #5

Supports: trusty xenial
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Neutron is a virtual network service for Openstack, and a part of Netstack. Just like OpenStack Nova provides an API to dynamically request and configure virtual servers, Neutron provides an API to dynamically request and configure virtual networks. These networks connect "interfaces" from other OpenStack services (e.g., virtual NICs from Nova VMs). The Neutron API supports extensions to provide advanced network capabilities (e.g., QoS, ACLs, network monitoring, etc.) . This charm provides the OpenStack Neutron Calico Agent, managing L3 connectivity on nova-compute services.


This subordinate charm provides the Neutron Calico configuration for a compute node.

Once deployed it takes over the management of the Neutron base and plugin configuration on the compute node.

For more information on Calico, check out the Project Calico homepage.


To deploy (partial deployment of linked charms only):

juju deploy rabbitmq-server
juju deploy neutron-api
juju deploy nova-compute
juju deploy cs:~kubernetes/etcd
juju deploy cs:~project-calico/neutron-calico
juju add-relation neutron-calico nova-compute
juju add-relation neutron-calico neutron-api
juju add-relation neutron-calico rabbitmq-server
juju add-relation neutron-calico etcd

When deploying at scale, you should optionally add a BGP route reflector:

juju deploy cs:~project-calico/bird
juju add-relation neutron-calico bird


It should only be used with OpenStack Icehouse and above and requires a separate neutron-api service to have been deployed.

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(string) Repository from which to install Calico packages. May be one of the following options: default, or ppa:somecustom/ppa. Note that this must be set before the 'install' hook runs.
(boolean) Enable debug logging
(boolean) Enable Calico's IPv6 support. Requires that all nodes with this charm installed on them have global scope IPv6 addresses.
(boolean) Do not change the BIRD config. By default, neutron-calico replaces any existing BIRD config with one that is suitable for Calico operation with a route reflector, with all Calico-managed VM routes being exported to that route reflector. However in real deployments the required BIRD config may be more complex than that - for example exporting VM routes to multiple route reflectors on parallel fabric networks, or handling different sets of routes differently. Setting this option to True tells neutron-calico not to touch the BIRD config, and so allows a deployment to provision (by some other means) the BIRD config that it wants, either before or after the deployment of this charm.
(string) Repository from which to install. May be one of the following: distro (default), ppa:somecustom/ppa, a deb url sources entry, or a supported Cloud Archive release pocket. Supported Cloud Archive sources include: cloud:<series>-<openstack-release> cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/updates cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/staging cloud:<series>-<openstack-release>/proposed For series=Precise we support cloud archives for openstack-release: * icehouse For series=Trusty we support cloud archives for openstack-release: * juno * kilo * liberty NOTE: this option must be set before install.
(string) Username used to access RabbitMQ queue
(string) RabbitMQ vhost
(boolean) By default, all services will log into their corresponding log files. Setting this to True will force all services to log to the syslog.
(boolean) Enable verbose logging