opnfv promise #0

Supports: trusty
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Enable Juju based OpenStack to use OPNFV Promise

Promise Juju charm

Promise plugin


This will install Promise onto virtual machines for Resource Management via Juju


Requirement Version/Comment
Juju test Environment 1.24.7 and above


LXC as hypervisor to test.

Installation Guide

Promise plugin installation

  1. Prepare work directory on Juju test host:

    mkdir -p ~/charms/trusty
  2. Clone the juju-plugin-promise repo from github:

    git clone  https://github.com/opnfv/juju-plugin-promise.git opnfv-promise
  3. Prepare Juju local environment:

    juju bootstrap
  4. Deploy juju charm server:

    juju deploy --repository=/<path to work dirctory>/charms local:trusty/opnfv-promise
  5. Check the installation progress

    juju -v status
  6. Check if the plugin was installed successfully:

    Check log under ~/.juju/local/log/
    2016-01-12 06:26:16 INFO start Starting promise...                               Ok