cinder netapp #4

Supports: bionic focal
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Cinder is the block storage service for the Openstack project. . This charm provides a netapp backend for Cinder


Apache 2.0 License

This is the base layer for all reactive Charms. It provides all of the standard Juju hooks and starts the reactive framework when these hooks get executed. It also bootstraps the charm-helpers and charms.reactive libraries, and all of their dependencies for use by the Charm.


Go read the layer-basic documentation for more info on how to use this layer. It is now hosted together with the charms.reactive documentation in order to reduce the amount of places a charmer needs to search for info.


(string) Password for the NetApp E-Series storage array.
(string) This option is only utilized when the storage family is configured to eseries. This option is used to restrict provisioning to the specified controllers. Specify the value of this option to be a comma separated list of controller hostnames or IP addresses to be used for provisioning.
(boolean) This option specifies whether the driver should allow operations that require multiple attachments to a volume. An example would be live migration of servers that have volumes attached. When enabled, this backend is limited to 256 total volumes in order to guarantee volumes can be accessed by more than one host.
(string) Administrative user account name used to access the storage system or proxy server.
(string) The file referenced by this configuration option should contain a list of NFS shares, each on their own line, to which the driver should attempt to provision new Cinder volumes into.
(string) Password for the administrative user account specified in the netapp_login option.
(string) The hostname (or IP address) for the storage system or proxy server.
(int) The TCP port to use for communication with the storage system or proxy server. If not specified, Data ONTAP drivers will use 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS; E-Series will use 8080 for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPS.
(string) The storage family type used on the storage system; valid values are ontap_cluster for using clustered Data ONTAP, or eseries for using E-Series.
(string) comma seperated list of pool names ie: pool1,pool2
(string) SAN protocol to use. Choose between iscsi or NFS.
(string) This option specifies the virtual storage server (Vserver) name on the storage cluster on which provisioning of block storage volumes should occur.
(string) TLS CA to use to communicate with other components in a deployment. . __NOTE__: This configuration option will take precedence over any certificates received over the ``certificates`` relation.
(string) TLS certificate to install and use for any listening services. . __NOTE__: This configuration option will take precedence over any certificates received over the ``certificates`` relation.
(string) TLS key to use with certificate specified as ``ssl_cert``. . __NOTE__: This configuration option will take precedence over any certificates received over the ``certificates`` relation.
(boolean) Use multipath for image transfer. The volume_use_multipath option should be set to True in the nova.conf
(string) Service name to present to Cinder