mysqltest #5

Supports: trusty

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A way to functionally test mysql by loading an example database


Mysqltest is a brief functional test that provides the following:

  • Creates and loads a sample mysql database
  • Execute simple functional tests from the mysql-testsuite package
  • Execute Lightweight stress tests on the sample database loaded by the dbload option

    juju deploy mysqltest juju deploy mysql juju add-relation mysql:db-admin mysqltest:db-admin

The charm uses juju actions. To run the simple database execute the following command:

juju action do  mysqltest/0 dbload

This will return an id that can be used to fetch the results:

juju action fetch --wait 0  id_value

Similarly actions can invoke the other options

juju action do  mysqltest/0  {testsuite or stress}

This charm provides the option to run simple funtional or stress tests. The options in the config.yaml file that can be set is the test-type variable. The options are dbload, testsuite, or stress by default dbload is set. The option can be changed with the following command:

Descrptions of test-type option

  • dbload - load a sample database
  • testsuite - run a basic subset functional tests supplied by mysql-testsuite.
  • stress - run a lightweight stress test on the sample database loaded by dbload


  • The sample database can be downloaded from launchpad at the following location:

The database contains about 300,000 employee records with 2.8 million salary entries. The export data is 167 MB, which is not huge, but heavy enough to be non-trivial for testing.


  • Add more tests to the testsuite option. This will be easier in mysql 5.7 when the --do-test-list=file option is available and I can specify test cases instead of the wildcard function using the --do-test option

  • Add a heavier stress test such as or run the Performance Schema suite provided by mysqltestsuite