ubuntu #5

Supports: xenial bionic artful trusty precise


This simply deploys the Ubuntu Cloud/Server image


This charm provides a blank Ubuntu image. It does not provide any applications other than a blank cloud image for you to manage manually, it is intended for testing and development.


Step by step instructions on using this charm:

juju deploy ubuntu

You can then ssh to the instance with:

juju ssh ubuntu/0

Scale out Usage

This charm is not designed to be used at scale since it does not have any relationships, however you can bulk add machines with add-unit:

juju add-unit ubuntu      # Add one more
juju add-unit -n5 ubuntu  # Add 5 at a time

You can also alias names in order to organize a bunch of empty instances:

juju deploy ubuntu mytestmachine1
juju deploy ubuntu mytestmachine2

and so on.

Known Limitations and Issues

This charm does not provide anything other than a blank server, so it does not relate to other charms.


This charm has no configuration options.

Contact Information


Charm Contact Information


(string) Override hostname of machine, when empty uses default machine hostname