ampache #0

Supports: trusty

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This charm deploys ampache media streaming server.


This is the base layer for all charms built using layers. It
provides all of the standard hooks, such as install, config-changed,
upgrade-charm, etc. and runs the charms.reactive.main loop for them. It also bootstraps the charm-helpers and charms.reactive
libraries and all of their dependencies for use by the charm.


To create a charm layer using this base layer, you need only include it in
a layer.yaml file:

yaml includes: ['layer:basic']

This will fetch this layer from and incorporate
it into your charm layer. You can then add handlers under the reactive/
directory. Note that any file under reactive/ will be expected to
contain handlers, whether as Python decorated functions or executables
using the external handler protocol.

You can also define Python libraries under lib/charms/X where X is a
package under the charms. namespace for your charm. See PyPI
for what packages already exist under the charms. namespace.

Layer Configuration

This layer does not currently support any configuration.

Reactive States

This layer currently does not set any reactive states.


This layer currently does not define any actions.