contrail database #2

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Runs analytics and configuration database services


This charm is intended to be used in a Contrail deployment.


juju deploy contrail-database


In a multi-node scenario, there needs to be a way to identify the seed node(s). This will be achieved via the cluster-relation hooks (coming soon). The missing cluster-relation hooks tell the charm that multi-node scenario need not be supported at this time. In the future, multi-node scenario will be the default (to match published charm for this service). This default can be over-ridden via the 'allow-single-node' configuration option (coming soon).


(string) "URL of the package containing all the Contrail packages. E.g. ftp://<where>/path/to/<contrail-install-packages>.deb (This will be used to wget the file) Changes to this option must be made before installation succeeds."