lxd integrator #3

Supports: xenial bionic focal


Charm to enable LXD integrations via Juju relations

LXD Integrator

Integrators are special charms that interact with the hosting cloud provider by using credentials provided by juju via the juju trust command.

The LXD Integrator enables charms in the relation to communicate with the host LXD controller.


```shell script $ juju deploy lxd-integrator $ juju trust lxd-integrator

Then relate the integrator with charms that support the `lxd` relation:
```shell script
$ juju relate lxd-integrator:api my-charm:lxd


The relation should work no matter the source for LXD, whether it's using the integrator or not. Below are details about the information sent on the relation. Any charm implementing this relation should expect

Provider side

The provider side of the interface writes information about the available LXD nodes on the relation, and registers client certificates that it received on the relation to LXD.

Require side

The require side of the interface sends client certificates to add to LXD and gets information about available LXD nodes on the relation.


Below is the API that should be used by charms using the LXD interface. Each section details the information each role should publish. The opposite role would then of course have to read data on the relation coming from the other side and work with it.


'version': '1.0',
'nodes': [
    'endpoint': "",
    'name': 'node-1',
    'trusted_certs_fp': []

version defines the protocol version. Major update brings breaking changes. nodes is a list of active LXD node endpoints. Each node's endpoint should be complete with its protocol, host and port. trusted_certs_fp is a list of certificate fingerprints that have been added to the LXD trust store


"client_certificates": [
  "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMII...T2zt\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
  "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMII...nK0g\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----"

client_certificates is a list of client certificates to register to LXD. When a certificate has been processed by the provides side, it should be available in the registered_certificates list on the relation.


(string) Client certificate to use talking to LXD
(string) Client key to use talking to LXD
(string) URL of the LXD API endpoint
(string) Certificate of the LXD server to talk to