docker #23

Supports: trusty wily xenial
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A Juju charm layer that handles installing Docker, including a library to
make it easier to use Docker containers inside a Juju model.

Charm Layer for Docker

This repository contains the Charm layer for docker, which can be used as a
base layer for other Charms that use docker. Please refer to the
Charm Layers


In a layer that wants to use docker, the integration can be as simple as
placing the following in the layer.yaml file:

includes: ['layer:docker']

From here, you simply amend any hooks/reactive patterns you require to deliver
and manage the lifecycle of your applications docker image. Refer to the
documentation on how to write a layer.

Once you have the code written to manage your container(s) you need to assemble
the charm from the layers. To do this run the charm build command from the
layer directory you just created.

charm build

Now you should be able to deploy the assembled charm.

juju deploy ./<series>/<charm-name>

Where series it the code name for Ubuntu releases, such as "trusty" or "xenial"
and charm-name is what you named the layer in metadata.yaml.


The docker layer raises a few synthetic events:

  • docker.ready

  • docker.available


When docker.ready is set, this event is before we signify to other
layers that we are ready to start workloads, which should allow for
docker extensions to be installed free of disrupting active workloads.

For example, installing SDN support and getting the daemon configured
for TCP connections.

def start_flannel_networking():
    # do something here

When docker.available is set, the daemon is considered fully configured
and ready to accept workloads.

def start_my_workload():
    # do something with docker

Layer Options


Skips the installation of docker and raises the docker.available state. This
is particularly useful when programming subordinate charms from layer-docker,
where you know docker is already installed on the host. This allows you to
skip the potential 90 second install routine, and go straight to deploying
your application.

Docker Compose

This layer installs the 'docker-compose' python package from pypi. So
once the Docker layer is installed you have the ability to use Docker
functionality such as control files,
and logging.

Memory Accounting

The charm supports altering the GRUB2 options enabling CGROUPS and memory
accounting. Changing this value will reboot the host, and any running workloads
are at the mercy of the charm author inheriting from this charm. Please use
--restart=always on your container runs that need to be persistent.


This layer also includes a wheelhouse of charms.docker a python library to
make charming with docker, and configuring the docker daemon much easier, and
syntactically enjoyable. For more information about this library see the
charms.docker project.


This charm contains a slightly modified copy of the script contained at:

The modifications were raising status messages for Juju so its apparent what is
happening to the end user following along with Juju's extended status feature.


(boolean) Enable GRUB cgroup overrides cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1. WARNING changing this option will reboot the host - use with caution on production services