contrail keystone auth #27

Supports: xenial bionic focal


Charm connects Contrail cluster to keystone to obtain auth info.


OpenContrail ( is a fully featured Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution for private clouds. It supports high performance isolated tenant networks without requiring external hardware support. It provides a Neutron plugin to integrate with OpenStack.

This charm is designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the OpenStack related charms in the charm store to virtualize the network that Nova Compute instances plug into.

The charm provides ability to get auth information from keystone and pass it to controller charm which uses it and passes to related charms.


Deploy it and relate to other ends.

juju deploy contrail-keystone-auth
juju add-relation contrail-controller contrail-keystone-auth
juju add-relation contrail-keystone-auth keystone


(string) Defines a keystone region that contrail-controller has to operate in, this is necessary in scenario with multi-region keystone setup because keystone would report all defined regions. But TF's control plane needs to know which one has to be used thus desired keystone region has be to checked against a list of regions provided by keystone for match.
(string) base64-encoded SSL CA to use with the certificate and key provided to keystone - this is only required if you are providing a privately signed ssl_cert and ssl_key. This certificate will be provided to Contrail's keystone clients.