jenkins slave #7

Supports: xenial
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Jenkins is a Continous Integration server supporting flexible continous integration and deployment methodologies. . This charm installs and configures a jenkins slaves to do distributed work.


This charm provisions a Jenkins slave to connect to a Jenkins master. This is the companion to the Jenkins charm. It work with a standalone Jenkins master or one managed by Juju


To deploy a Jenkins slave you will also need to deploy the jenkins master charm. This can be done as follows:

juju deploy jenkins
juju deploy -n 5 jenkins-slave
juju add-relation jenkins jenkins-slave

There are cases where you want to provision a specific machine that provides specific resources for tests, such as CPU architecture or network access. You can deploy the extra slave like this:

juju add-machine <special-machine-private-ip>
juju deploy --to <special-machine-number> jenkins-slave ppc64el-slave

See the Jenkins charm for more details.


(string) Jenkins labels to associate with jenkins slave.
(string) The URL of the jenkins master. Set this when this charm is not in relation to a master or the master is not accessible via its default URL.
(string) Packages to install on jenkins slave.
make git bzr
(string) The name of this slave. Defaults to the juju unit name.