jenkins juju ci #3

Supports: xenial


Reconfigure the host and install testing tools to run Juju CI tests. . This charm will move /var/lib/ to a big partition if available. Several sets of tools are installed. Once configuration is complete, the jenkins-slave is ready to run Juju CI tests.


This charm provisions the Juju CI testing tools needed to run tests on a jenkins slave.


To deploy a Jenkins slave you will also need to deploy the jenkins master charm. This can be done as follows:

juju deploy jenkins
juju deploy jenkins-slave
juju deploy jenkins-juju-ci
juju add-relation jenkins jenkins-slave
juju add-relation jenkins-juju-ci jenkins-slave


(string) SSH key for accessing private code on launchpad.
(string) Route s3 calls though a proxy. eg squid.internal:3128