client forwardproxy #1

Supports: xenial trusty precise yakkety


Setup a machine to be a client of a forward proxy to access the outside network. Squid 3 can proxy FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS.

A simple proxy client use for testing closed or restricted network conditions.

This client-forwardproxy works in tandem with the squid-forwardproxy charm, or any charm that provides forwardproxy. Any Juju application or provisioned machine can be set up to use the forward proxy like so:

juju deploy squid-forwardproxy
juju deploy xenial/ubuntu x1
juju deploy client-forwardproxy --to 1
juju add-relation client-forwardproxy:forwardproxy squid-forwardproxy:forwardproxy

The local host and containers on the lxdbr0 are automatically in the no_proxy list. You can configure additional sites to not proxy.

juju config client-forwardproxy extra-no-proxy=""

This charm also adds the Ubuntu proposed archive to install and test optional packages.

juju config client-forwardproxy proposed-packages="python-boto s3cmd"


(string) A space-separated list of extra sites to not proxy. localhost and the lxd bridge are always in the no-proxy list.
(string) A space-separated list of packages to install from the proposed archive. they will be installed using apt-get install -r.