tumicro #0

  • By jose
  • stable, edge
Supports: trusty


Private charm for the TuMicro Team, server-side client.


This is a private charm for the TuMicro team to deploy the server-side client. In order to access the required files you will need the team password.


In order to deploy the service, execute:

juju deploy tumicro
juju set tumicro password=PASSWORDGOESHERE

Replace PASSWORDGOESHERE by the actual password. Then, you can do juju status and find out what the public IP address for the server is, and put it in the API round-robin.

Scale out Usage

If you want to scale it out, do:

juju add-unit -n # tumicro

where # is the number of units you would like to add. After that, you can add an HAProxy relation, in order to have just one IP address with the addresses in a round-robin. First, copy this into a file:

  services: |
    - service_name: haproxy_service
      service_host: ""
      service_port: 8080
      service_options: [balance leastconn, cookie SRVNAME insert]
      server_options: maxconn 100 cookie S{i} check

and save it. Let's say your file is called options.yaml.

After that, just do:

juju deploy haproxy --config options.yaml
juju add-relation tumicro haproxy

And use the HAProxy address instead of the servers addresses. Remember that the options.yaml file is the file you created with the contents earlier. This is to use port 8080 instead of the default port 80 within HAProxy.

Known Limitations and Issues

This is only available to the TuMicro team. If you try to deploy the charm, it will fail due to not having the password.


We can only set two options in this charm, memory and password.

memory: You can set how much RAM will the application eat. This is a value to be set in megabytes. If you change this value, it will change for all the instances of the service currently deployed.

password: This is the password to access the private files in order to run the service. You need to set it correctly in order for the charm to deploy.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or problems please send an email to jose@ubuntu.com.


  • tumicro.pe


(int) Memory to be used, in megabytes
(string) Password for downloading required files. Private.