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PageKite makes local websites or SSH servers publicly accessible in mere
seconds, and works with any computer and any Internet connection.


This charm is to be used as a tunneling service for other charms.


In order to deploy this charm, you need to configure it and execute:

juju deploy pagekite

In order to be able to browse to the service, you need to expose the other unit,
not pagekite. You can achieve that by doing

juju expose [charmname]

In the case no relations are specified, all the services will be assumed to run
on the localhost. You can SSH into the machine and configure those services
manually, then expose pagekite itself to be able to connect by doing:

juju expose pagekite

Known Limitations and Issues

Pagekite only natively supports HTTP, HTTPS and some versions of the Minecraft
protocol. If you want to connect to another service while tunneling it, you will
need to tell the client to treat the kite's address as an HTTP Proxy.


There are several configuration options.

kitename: The name of the kite you will be using for the tunnel. As an example,
if my kite is, just put 'joseeantonior' (without

secret: The secret for the kite specified on the configuration option above.

port#: These are the ports to be used on the pagekite service. The option can be
port1, port2 or port3. In case port2 is available and port1 isn't, port2 will be
treated as port1. In case port3 is available and port2 isn't, port3 will be
treated as port2, and so on. The port must match the port that the service the
relation will be established with provides, otherwise configuration will fail.

service#: These are the services for the respective port. service1 is for port1,
service2 is for port2 and service3 is for port3. It needs to be set
simultaneously as with its respective port. Otherwise, the service won't be
configured for that port.

At this point, you can only set three ports/services.

Contact Information

Maintainer: José Antonio Rey
Report bugs at

Upstream Project Name


(string) The name for the kite you're using
(string) Port
(string) Port
(string) Port
(string) That kite's secret
(string) Service
(string) Service
(string) Service